Acrylic Temporary Mitten Acrylic Temporary Mitten
Limited special offer
€7.82 €9.90
With a firm texture due to its acrylic material, this is a versatile accessory with which you can lather your body at bath time, as well as offering a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells to achieve a...
Linz Natural Bath Mitt Linz Natural Bath Mitt
Limited special offer
€11.77 €14.90
The combination of materials and textures is the secret of the results you get with the Linz Mitten: a delicate care for soft, smooth skin that provides you with a moment of relaxation when taking care of...
Haffner 100% Cotton Bath Mitt Haffner 100% Cotton Bath Mitt
Limited special offer
€7.82 €9.90
From home and taking long baths we want you to be transported to the peace of listening to Haffner, with a Mitten with which you can get a gentle relaxing massage, exfoliate your skin and activate circulation...
Imperial Bath Sponge Imperial Bath Sponge
Limited special offer
€4.66 €5.90
The most basic and lightest piece can achieve the most noticeable changes in your skin in just one week of use. Taking relaxing baths, you not only contribute to your relaxation after a long day, you also favor...
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